Phonation Resistance Training Exercises


What is PhoRTE?

Phonation Resistance Training Exercises (PhoRTE) is voice therapy for pathologic age-related voice changes (presbyphonia) that occur in older adults. PhoRTE uses high intensity vocal exercise to systematically rehabilitate the vocal mechanism and improve vocal endurance.

SLP Support

Requires limited sessions via telehealth or in person therapy

Therapy Protocol

Involves completing five vocal tasks with results in 4-8 weeks

Home Practice

As little as 12-15 minutes of home practice, 6 days a week

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It is great to be able to offer patients an evidence-based, non-surgical treatment option for presbyphonia that has proven results.

    Daniel Weinstein
    Daniel Weinstein

    U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

    Since implementing PhoRTE, I have seen so much improvement and engagement in my patients. They really like the functional approach.

      Theresa Jingyun Yao
      Theresa Jingyun Yao

      Stanford Health Care

      PhoRTE was the simple and effective tool I needed to better serve my patients with presbyphonia.

        Kristie Knickerbocker
        Kristie Knickerbocker

        a tempo Voice Center

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        For Speech-Language Pathologists

        Phonation Resistance Training Exercises (PhoRTE) will be available to clinicians all over the world from the comfort of their homes that can be completed over several days. Web-based training modules will open for registration soon.

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        Why Choose Phonation Resistance Training Exercises

        How is PhoRTE Different?

        Voice therapy for older adults with presbyphonia has historically been focused on decreasing compensatory laryngeal hyperfunction during voice production (recalibration). PhoRTE takes a different approach to voice therapy for presbyphonia. PhoRTE is an exercise-based voice therapy that incorporates principles of the Japanese art form of Kintsugi.

        Greater Airflow

        Increasing respiratory drive with low abdominal breathing

        Better Closure

        Improving vocal fold closure with a megaphone shaped vocal tract

        Stronger Voicing

        Administering high-dose voice exercise to the vocal mechanism

        Does Evidence Exist on PhoRTE?

        PhoRTE has Level 1B evidence from two published prospective, randomized clinical trials to treat presbyphonia.  They show a significant decrease in vocal effort and a significant increase in voice-related quality of life.



        Dr. Hapner and Dr. Ziegler developed Phonation Resistance Training Exercises (PhoRTE) in 2009 to promote communication, socialization, and vocation in the older adult population with strong emphasis on values of successful aging.